Breaking my own rule

As a general guide in life I prefer not to discuss politics or religion with people I don’t know or people I know it will only lead to an argument with. This works well for me.

That has changed some since becoming the mom to a Turner’s Syndrome princess. Things happen and I can’t keep quiet about it for the sake of my daughter. The Kid is on growth hormone therapy (GH) and she has been for several years. Her cardiologist said it was time. Her heart was growing but her body wasn’t. She hadn’t grown more than a centimeter in 2 years. This is common with Turner’s Syndrome. GH therapy is a daily subcutaneous injection given at bedtime.

When the Kid started GH, the Affordable Care Act was starting to be implemented. So the kid was able to get decent health coverage and a secondary insurance. Turner’s is generally considered a pre-existing condition. Let me get back to the point. When the Kid started GH, she was able to get the pen. It was a very simple procedure. Attach the pen needle, dial the dose, and inject. Easy to travel with as well.

Growth Hormone Therapy in a pen form.

Suddenly, at the end of January, it all changed. We have had to go back to the “old fashioned way” of mixing vials and injections with syringe. Every 5 days I have to mix a new vial to use. Insurance and coverage has continued to change for the Kid since the end of January. I am not a happy momma and the Kid is not happy with the new injection syringe.

Growth Hormone Therapy in the mix it yourself vials.