Very distinguished taste

One of the Kid’s unique traits is that she hates, HATES for her feet to be bare. Until she was about 3, she would not touch anything but water with her bare feet without screaming. Screaming. Sandals and flip-flops were not enough. She wanted her toes and whole foot covered. This held true for the sandbox, grass, dirt, inside. When she sleeps, she has to wear socks. She hasn’t changed at all and she is nine now. I think it is sensory that stems from the Turner’s Syndrome.

The Kid is not too picky about the socks she wears. She has always loved the hand knit socks I make for her. Recently I completed two pairs of socks for her.

For the first pair I used Plymouth Yarn Neon Now in colorway 1. It is mostly pinks, her favorite color. I didn’t use a pattern. I cast one, knit in 2×2 rib for the cuff. Stockinette stitch until I got to the heel, used a short row heel. More stockinette stitch to the toe, decreases, and kitchiner stitch the toe closed. I have the Kid try the socks on as I knit them to get the correct size for her.

The second pair of socks were knit exactly the same as the previous pair. I used Regia Design Line Random Stripe by Kaffe Fassett in the colorway 2901 Sizzle. For the heel and toe, I used leftovers from the Plymouth Neon yarn. I was worried I was run out of yarn otherwise.

Both pairs of socks have meet with the Kid’s approval.